Back in the lab w/ string quartet & a new recording.

Having concluded my Socal to Norcal hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, I’ve dived into working on my trail-inspired piece for San Francisco’s Friction Quartet.

I’m setting the piece in 4 movements (surprise, surprise), and each of the 4 movements will somehow reflect one epitome-like place in each of California’s four (broad) mountain regions; the desert, the south Sierras, the north Sierras, and the southern end of the Cascades in Northern California. There are many beautiful places on the PCT, and sometimes when they are exceptionally beautiful, they simply overwhelm ones senses and emotions. In these moments one might simply stop and gaze, maybe shed a tear of happiness that such places exist. Those places are friends of ones memory, places easily and joyfully recalled. Each movement is about a place like that.

So far my working titles for the movements are:

Traverse of the Desert Sun
Sky Islands
The Rebirth of Lake Owens
Mokelumne Crossroads

I’ve got the first movement more or less done, and large chunks of the 3 other movements pretty well sketched out. I’m looking forward to bringing all this material into a lesson I scheduled with the always insightful and philosophical Dan Becker. I’m also really looking forward to finishing the piece over the next 2 months, and then sitting on it for at least another month before giving it another look. I find that having a true second look at a piece before sending it off reveals many obvious things I may have missed during the initial creative process.


I’m also happy to report that saxophonist/vocalist Kendra Emery’s new album Beautiful Mess features a new composition of mine called Black Pine written especially for her. It’s equal parts nature vibe and 808 bass…Check it out below!

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