Back on the trail

Tomorrow morning I will be back on the Pacific Crest Trail near Mt. Shasta, right where I left off last year. I am super stoked and very grateful to be heading out on another extended trip. My goal is to make it to the Columbia River Gorge, but I look forward to whatever tangents, side trips and obstacles that may exist between me and there. In some ways I hope I never finish the PCT. I like to think of the PCT as trail in the sky that goes on forever and will never be conquered by any human, let alone me. Of course, people do finish it. People do it twice in one year. I even heard a tale of a person who attempted (on a dare) to hike the whole trail in a wedding dress. One thing I know; I am headed towards Mt. Shasta, Crater Lake, the Three Sisters, and Mt. Hood, and if I do get to set my eyes upon such landscapes, I will gaze long and happily.

Hiker-trash magic trick.

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