New year, new projects, new adventures…same beautiful world

I am always stoked when a New Year rolls around. In addition to being a basic plus that I’m still vertical at least half of any given day, it is inevitably for me, a time of valuable reflection on my thoughts, beliefs, and past actions. A few days ago I found myself mesmerized by an interesting rock I had on my desk; losing myself in its colorful bands, I remembered the awesome rock collection I had as a kid, and my childhood belief that rocks were great storytellers. In 2016 I’m still doing the same thing I did as a kid in 1992; digging on our natural world. Some things change, but others happily do not.

Of those things that do change, I’m grateful to acknowledge some of the positive changes for me in 2015!

I successfully transitioned back to the west coast! After a few years of living in Texas, then New York City, and then 6 months of travel, it feels GREAT to be back home. I can’t figure out which was a better – leaving or coming back.

I got an awesome job! I recently started working at the Piedmont East Bay Children’s Choir, and I am stoked to be part of such an excellent organization, surrounded by so many talented, interesting, and passionate kids and adults. In addition to my part-time accompanist duties at Contra Costa Children’s Choir, I feel genuinely blessed to be gainfully employed exclusively in the arts.

I am super excited about an upcoming album project with the Delphi Trio and John Vanderslice. I’m not sure all the when/what/how of the project, except that I will be doing the arrangements for a full length album, and that I will be working with nothing but ninjas. Could shape up to be something really special.

I’m also excited to start the process of recording and releasing my own album. Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky to write original music for The Delphi Trio, Todd Reynolds, Friction Quartet, Kendra Emery, Jeff Anderle and the Switchboard Music Festival, and the Art in Nature festival; all of these compositions are united by the muse they worship – our natural world – and I feel like I finally have made a coherent statement as a composer, so it’s time to represent.

Here’s to 2016 – more art, more collaboration with friends, more time spent outside…sounds like a plan.

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