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When I was in college I religiously attended the Composers, Inc. concert series, partly because they offered a generous student discount ($5 tickets!), and more importantly because the series always featured the best performers of contemporary music in the bay area, playing new music by an interesting variety of composers. Through these concerts I was exposed to a LOT of compelling music, and my participation as an audience member was a big part of my education as a composer. I’m stoked that after a decade of being a fan, I’m now a participant.

Composers, Inc will feature my piece Coyote Plan on their !BAMM! concert series coming up this Saturday, May 21st. Doug Machiz (cello), Kevin Rogers (violin), and Ian Scarfe (piano) will no doubt rip my composition into itty-bitty little pieces. Coyote Plan was my first attempt to relish the craft of writing a good part, and I’m very excited to hear how it comes off in the skilled hands of Ian, Doug, and Kevin. I titled my composition Coyote Plan because I composed it the way a coyote might approach her day – intuitively selecting those (musical) opportunities which seemed most interesting and nourishing.

I’m also really looking forward to hearing a new composition by my good friend Ryan Brown. Ryan’s music has a consistently thoughtful and poignant edge to it – I can’t wait to hear what new sound worlds he is exploring. Here’s the details for the event:

Venue: First Congregational Church – Berkeley
Date: Sat May 21, 2016 8:00pm
Tickets: $15-20

“Smear Music” for string quartet by Taylor Joshua Rankin
“Coyote Plan” for piano trio by Max Stoffregen
“Juke” for two marimbas by Howard Hersh
“Get-Go” for flute trio by Ryan Brown*
“Three Elements” for string quartet by Brian Baumbusch
“Illusion, in the deep of the abyss” for vilao and electronics by Fang-Wei Luo

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