The Grand Enchantment Trail

This spring I was lucky to hike the length of the Grand Enchantment Trail, a 750+ mile continuous foot path that meanders from Phoenix to Albuquerque. The “GET” is a wonderful endeavor, and a fairly incredible tour of southern Arizona and New Mexico, particularly the area in and around the headwaters of the Gila River. I am deeply grateful to have visited for so long such an interesting and scenic part of the world. I anticipated that I would be awed by the southwestern landscapes, and I am happy to admit that I underestimated the beauty of the people of the southwest, which was certainly as inspiring as the plentiful vistas. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible; my parents, my partner Noemi, my brother Nate, Heather “Steady” Werderman, Dave “Two Ply” Mashhoodi, Brett “Blisterfree” Tucker, and all the folks who lent a helping hand along the way; Gerry “Uncle Scairy”, Wayne from Klondyke, Bonnie Garwood, Otie, Manuel Osano, The Los Lunas Police Department, Andy Tapia, The Winston General Store, Cary from Glenwood, Samantha and Carl, Violet Dankmeyer, Thompson Ranch, Stacy Ranch, and The Maes Family. Thank you for helping me see a part of the world I have longed to visit.

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