Branching Patterns by Jeff Anderle

Branching Patterns

I want to share an album that Jeff Anderle recently released. Jeff is a master of one of the most versatile instruments – the bass clarinet – and his new album Branching Patterns is an exhibition of both his impressive skill and his eclectic taste. With contributions from Hauschka, Mike Sempert, Ryan Brown, Boards of Canada and myself, the album spans disparate genres and yet remains a cogent presentation of what a truly wonderful instrument the bass clarinet is.

My contribution to the album is a track called Black Oak, which nods heavily towards the beat-based looping styles mastered by virtuosos like Todd Reynolds and Adam Cuthbért. I leaned on Jeff’s special mastery of the bass clarinet to create a piece that sounds good coming out of a subwoofer, or a concert hall.

Check out Jeff’s album on Bandcamp (or Amazon). I hope you find it as uniquely beautiful as I do.

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