Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival

Canyon Creek WatershedTrinity Alps Chamber Music Festival – the name itself neatly summarizes my interests as a composer; acoustic music and the mountains. This August I will be collaborating with the festival as composer-in-residence, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m going to compose two pieces for the festival – one I that just finished called “Telescope Ridge”, which will be performed in a few weeks on the August 24-26 “Summer Serenades” programs, and another in 2019 which will be inspired by my residency this year. In addition to working with the Trinity Alps Chamber Players, I will also be seeking inspiration along the Trinity Alps High Route, an adventurous cross-country route first documented by Deems Burton in the 1990’s that has now captured the imagination of many hikers, for it offers exceptional passage through phenomenal high-county. Secret passes known perhaps more to bear and deer, are apparently hiding up there, promising access to vistas, high lakes, and secluded meadows. Needless to say, I am stoked to be in-residence. I am especially thrilled about the festival’s dedication to providing exceptional and accessible chamber music performances to younger folks at some of the area’s summer camps, and to folks living in rural communities throughout Trinity County. To play music inspired by a place, in that place, with people sharing that place together completes the cycle of artistic creation and deepens our bond to the land.
Little Granite Peak

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