The Act –cover, cropped

SFO by way of ATX

Tomorrow will bring me to the the two most idealized places on the third coast, and the west coast, respectively – Austin and then San Francisco. I’m heading down to Fast Forward Austin to hear The Living Earth Show play my newly revised composition for them, Quasimason on Saturday 4/6 at 4pm at the Scottish Rite Theater. Sunday afternoon will find me eating baby-back ribs and drinking cold beer with my dearest Texas pals at the Salt Lick in Driftwood. With said BBQ  still providing soul nourishment, I’ll be on a plane to SFO to start rehearsing for the album release concert for The Act of Loving You, happening on 4/12 at Viracocha. I’m about as excited as rogue squirrel let loose in the bulk goods section of your local health food store – hopefully I make all my connections!



Album release fundraiser…SUCCESS!!!

Kickstarter Success Picture!

After a 2 year labor of love, The Act of Loving You, an album I recorded in 2011 with Odessa Chen and the Invisible Stories Ensemble, will be released, thanks to the generous support of a whole bunch of awesome people. I’m so proud of this album, and I’m so happy to share it with my fellow travelers. Cheers y’all!


time to revise my Living Earth Show piece.

After sitting on my Living Earth Show piece, Quasimason, for some months now, it’s time to revise a lil bit. I don’t know how all y’all composers do, but hitting delete hard on something I wrote that I think I could write better feels awesome. In fact, I think I love delete even more than apple+Z. In any case, I’m stoked to work out some new guitar stuff with Travis (including a dub step hack), and hopefully I can make the revisions in time for their record.

Blogroll from the Composer Cave

A special thanks.

…a special thanks goes out to everyone who sent such nice emails in response to my new/finally legit newsletter. Thanks so much for all the support and kindness, yall. An extra special thanks goes out to Cassandra Shankman, Ben Goldberg. Bill Wolter, Shaina Evoniuk, and Jacob Kramer for naming a price for my bandcamp album–you all totally made my month.




Free album, Ears Eyes + Feet videos, and the same old boring bio.

Hey Yall,

Thanks for checking out my website. It’s got a bunch of new stuff that I’ve done over the past year, so please poke around and download stuff. If you think any of this stuff is cool, I’d love to hear about it. If you think I used too much bit crusher on “Metronome Crush”, that’s cool, too. I mean, I did use it on almost all 27 tracks, including the master output. Sometimes bit crusher is just a lot like cookie–dough; surprisingly addictive, even when you’ve clearly had enough.

all the best,


[“Metronome Crush”, choreography by Angela Falcone.] [ylwm_vimeo]48454633[/ylwm_vimeo]

I wrote  “Metronome Crush”, for Ears Eyes, + Feet 2012, a collaborative show between dancers, choreographers, lighting and stage designers, and musicians and composers at the University of Texas, Austin. This was an awesome, well run show all–around; lots of people came, some shouted–out their favorite performers, and all us partied afterwards. Special thanks to Angela Falcone for being so intelligent with your direction and so satisfying to work with!