Scores of some of my compositions, available (free) for your perusal. If you would like parts, please email me at [], with a request for whatever set of parts you want!


The Unseen Heaviness (1390) (solo violin + fixed media)

Cut and Paste (1320) (solo piano)

Poison Pill (1343) (solo soprano sax + fixed media)

2-4 players:

The California Crest (1333) (for String Quartet)

Coyote Plan (1270) (for Piano Trio)

Nevada City, CA (1292) (for guitar and violin)

La Magie Noire (1335) (for two violins + fixed media)

Quasimason (1301) (for electric guitar and percussion)

The Domain of Arnheim (1322) (for violin, cello, bass clarinet, piano, and fixed media)

The Delicate Flow of Vines (1312) (for violin, bass clarinet, and piano)

5-9 players:

Everyday Endgame (1307) (for two violins, viola, cello, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, electric guitar, contrabass, percussion and piano)

Henley Oak (1286) (for cello, bass, elec. gtr., vibes and piano)

Spring Comes On (1292) (for voice, flute, string quartet, 2 bass clar., vibes and piano)


Until We Meet Again (1311)  (for SA children’s choir, and piano)

List of Works:

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